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UMS-Wright has been committed to providing a quality education for all who can benefit from it. The named scholarships allow UMS-Wright to offer current students opportunities that otherwise might not be available. It is the addition of these students who enrich the overall learning environment for everyone at UMS-Wright. If you are interested in honoring or memorializing a friend or family member by funding a scholarship in their name, please call 470-9039.

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The Jay White-Spunner Awards  

          The Jay White-Spunner Scholarships are funded by contributions from family and friends of Jay White-Spunner. During his life, Mr. White-Spunner achieved notoriety as a businessman who gained success through hard work and a positive outlook on life. He touched others through his optimistic, energetic life.


 The Mary Edna McCall Scholarship

          The Mary McCall scholarship was given by Daniel Thompson McCall, Jr., class of 1927, in loving memory of his wife Mary Edna McCall, wife, mother, and grandmother of UMS-Wright graduates.

 The Honorable Daniel T. McCall, Jr. Scholarship

         The Daniel T. McCall scholarship was established by Mrs. Nancy McCall Poyner in loving memory of her father,  Judge Daniel Thompson McCall, Jr., UMS Class of 1927. Judge McCall had a distinguished career as an attorney and judge. During his life, he served as a member of the Supreme Court of the State of Alabama and was a founding member of the Board of Trustees of Julius T. Wright School for Girls. 

 The Edward Chesley Greene, Sr. Scholarship

          The Edward Greene, Sr. scholarship is given in honor of Eddie Greene who was a UMS-Wright parent, a UMS-Wright trustee and UMS-Wright Board Chairman. This is awarded to a student who makes obvious contributions to UMS-Wright, and sets a good example for other students by giving their best effort in all they do each day.

The Waitsell Shawn Stillwell Scholarship

The Waitsell Shawn Stillwell Scholarship was established and funded by Waitsell Shawn Stillwell.  The scholarship was established in Mr. Stillwell’s will that he had prepared in 2008.  Mr. Stillwell was a graduating member of the class of 1968.  This was the 75th graduating class in the school’s history, and Mr. Stillwell was a member of the first class to attend 12 years of classes in the present building on Mobile Street. Mr. Stillwell and his family truly loved UMS-Wright Preparatory School. While at UMS-Wright Mr. Stillwell was a loyal friend and excellent student, and he was a member of the UMS-Wright Band his entire enrollment at UMS-Wright. He and his family were very proud of their Native American heritage and his scholarship reflects his desire to assist students of Native American descent, whether it be male or female.


 The Elizabeth Worley Haffner Memorial Scholarship

           Betsy Haffner was an educator who taught at Julius T. Wright School for Girls.  She was the first female Board member, serving on the Boards of Trustees of UMS and UMS-Wright from 1985-1996. The Elizabeth Worley Haffner Memorial Scholarship has been established to honor the memory of this very special lady by her son Chip, UMS-Wright Class of 1990, and his wife Stephanie.  Betsy always demonstrated good judgment, great insight, and unwavering compassion. Most of all, she was a person who loved and cherished her family.   

   The Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Thurber, Jr.  Scholarship

          This award was established by family members of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Thurber, Jr., who were known by their family and friends as Chum and Catharine. Chum was one of the visionary businessmen who made possible Mobile’s economic and cultural growth after World War II. Mr. Thurber was also a member of the UMS Board of Trustees, and he and Catharine helped shape the lives of Mobilians who continue to lead our city today.

The Henri McMillian Aldridge Award 

        The award was established in memory of Henri McMillan Aldridge by his family and is presented to a rising senior who demonstrates academic excellence and a commitment to community service. Mr. Aldridge, a WWII PT Boat Commander at the D-Day Invasion, was Mobilian of the Year in 1964. His community service and leadership included being Chairman of the Julius T. Wright School’s Founding Board of Trustees, Chairman of the USS Alabama Battleship Commission, President of the Mobile Rotary Club, and an Elder at Government Street Presbyterian Church.


The Paul D. (Bubba) and Mary Ann B. Murray Family Scholarship

      The Paul D. (Bubba) and Mary Ann B. Murray Family Scholarship is intended to reward a student genuinely committed to maximizing the student’s potential in mind, body, and spirit. The student should be a rising 9th grader who is humble, of high integrity, and a hard worker that does not waste God-given abilities.


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