Welcome grandparents! 



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March 16 at noon – Crimson and Grey Field Day sponsored by U-J Chevrolet at Ervin S. Cooper Stadium.  You are invited to attend and watch your grandchildren compete in Crimson and Grey Field Day. Please see the attached grandparent brochure for all the details! To shop the online auction, click here


March 29 at 8:45am – K4 and K5 Easter Parade and Easter Egg Hunts.  We invite all grandparents of our K4 and K5 students to join us under the tent in front of the Columns Building for a prime viewing location and refreshments during the Easter Parade.  At the completion of the parade, you are also invited to join your grandchild for their grade level Easter Egg Hunt on campus. Please click here for all the details. 


The Lower School Library is always looking for a few helping hands. If you are interested, please contact Meg Mattei at 



March 22 at 6pm - Middle School Spring Musical – Suessical, Jr. | Auditorium

March 24 at 2pm – Middle School Spring Musical – Suessical, Jr. | Auditorium

March 27 at 8:15am – Lower School Chorus Concert | Auditorium

April 19 at 6pm - Chorus Concert | Auditorium

April 29 at 2pm - Band Concert | Auditorium

May 2 at 9am – Senior Awards | Auditorium

May 9 at 8am (middle school) and 10am (upper school)  – Underclassmen Awards | Auditorium

May 11 at 8:15am - 4th Grade Recorder Concert | Auditorium

May 24 at 7pm - Graduation


Be sure to stop by The General, our campus store, for  gifts and all things UMS-Wright! If you didn’t get to purchase a UMS-Wright Grandparent tumbler/cup, they are now for sale in The General.  It is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am – 3pm!



Please check our the Grandparents webpage at the top right corner of our school website – www.ums-wright.org

Here you will find all of the current information on Grandparent events, campus events, Athletic and Fine Arts schedules, opportunities, and links to much more!


To visit our new Athletic website, click here



What’s a box top? A box top is a small pink and white paper square found on the outside of many grocery items. They come in different sizes. Each box top is worth 10 cents! All the money we earn through Box Tops for Education goes directly back to the school for Academic, Fine Arts, and Athletic enhancements that tuition does not cover. There will be certain collection days through out the year, but you can always send your box tops in with your grandchild at any time.  October 18th is the first official box top collection day.

Don’t forget these three easy steps:
1) Collect Box Tops by cutting them off of packaging from your pantry.
2) Check expiration dates printed on the box top.
3) Send them to school with your grandchild. Don't forget to include your students’ your name on the envelope or ziploc bag.

Watch your email for our monthly E-news that will detail upcoming events. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions at
jotts@ums-wright.org or 251-470-9039.

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!










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