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In keeping with the UMS-Wright mission statement, "to educate all students in mind, body, and spirit and to produce in each student character of the highest possible order," the Athletics Department offers a wide variety of sports throughout the school year. Healthy competitions and the accompanying lessons of self-discipline, personal sacrifice, and loyalty help students become individuals with superior character.


UMS-Wright is home to some of the finest athletic facilities in the state of Alabama. The Wilson and Physical Activities Complex Gymnasiums, Cooper Football Stadium and ticket office, Galle-Leatherbury Track, Radcliff Baseball Field, Urquhart Soccer turf field, Lubel Swimming Pool, and the softball field all host athletic events at each level of competition. UMS-Wright offers thirteen team sports for students from lower school to high school varsity. Each coach, team, and individual participant is supported by an outstanding staff of dedicated and knowledgeable personnel.


The Athletic Department employs support personnel who all work closely with our student athletes and their parents: 

Coach Terry Curtis has been the Athletic Director at UMS-Wright Preparatory School since 2001 and the Head Football Coach at UMS-Wright Preparatory School since 1999. Under his leadership, over 40 varsity, junior varsity, and middle school teams compete!

Under the direction of Stacy Harrelson, who has a full-time assistant trainer and two full-time physical therapists, the athletic training division  offers students and athletes on-site physical training and therapy using cutting edge techniques and equipment. Mr. Harrelson works in conjunction with Encore Sports and The Orthopaedic Group. 

Coach Brandon Dean heads the strength training program for male and female athletes alike. He and his assistant Erling Riis provide sport-specific strength and conditioning programs for each team, as well as access to the weight room and training equipment.

Mrs. Molly Nordmann serves as the Athletic Director's assistant. She handles the day-to-day operation of the athletic department and all special events. 

Wes Lathan is also an assistant to the Athletic Director in charge of Middle School athletics and communication with officials for both Middle School and Upper School athletics. He is the game-day coordinator for Varsity Football. 

Coach Gerald Jones is the Director of Football Operations and the Director of Bulldog Athletic Association sports for grades 3 - 6. 

Equipment and Athletic Plant Manager Mr. Keith Powell works year round to keep our sports teams in game-ready mode. His equipment room houses team uniforms as well as team equipment, and he personally oversees the care and maintenance of all Bulldog athletic fields, uniforms, and equipment. 

Mr. Freddie Engine is the full-time athletic custodian who maintains the gyms and surrounding areas, the weight room, all athletic offices, and the stadium locker rooms.


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