Student life


Student Life outside the classroom is an integral part of the UMS-Wright educational experience. Students of all ages are presented with numerous opportunities to interact with each other and with their teachers in one on one and group settings. In addition, students are encouraged to be active in local, state, national and world communities with specific emphasis being placed upon our obligation to serve others. 

WoW Speakers


2017-18 Speakers

September 6 - WoW Alumni Panel (Pier Hardin '70, Frances Rouse '76,  Michael Napp '96, Anne Stabler '00, and Brent Daughterty '04) 


November 8 - WoW Speaker, Andy Newton


January 17 - US Naval Commander Emily Bassett, Commanding Officer PCU MANCHESTER (LCS 14), LCS Crew 214



  Mrs. Tiffany Chapman
  Student Life Director
  479-6551 ext. 221




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