Students are re-enrolled on an annual basis subject to an evaluation of their conduct, influence on others, involvement, and academic progress.

Priority re-enrollment is given to qualifying currently enrolled students for a limited period of time. Parents who do not take advantage of this priority period will be offered contracts as space becomes available in the event that classes are filled with new applicants. 

Re-enrollment is a two-part process.  First, parents will log into their online account and fill out an electronic form for each child that they are re-enrolling.  Parents are encouraged to use this opportunity to update any biographical information on their record, (phone numbers, address change, job changes, etc).

The second part is to print a PDF of the Agreement Terms for Enrollment and Tuition and return it to the enrollment office along with an advanced deposit check.  This deposit is applied to your child's tuition for the following school year.  Only one agreement form and one check are necessary per family.  Students will not be enrolled until both parts of the process have been completed.

Payment of current tuition is a condition of enrollment. Grades will not be released nor will students be enrolled or re-enrolled unless the student's bill is current or an alternate payment schedule has been approved by the Headmaster and Finance Director. For any student whose account is not paid in full, UMS-Wright reserves the right to refuse that student admission to class, to deny his/her taking of examinations, to withhold report cards, and refuse to graduate the student and/or transfer credits.

Students who are permitted to enroll in any programs which require the student's absence from class during the academic year must still pay the same tuition payment schedule as indicated on the enrollment contract.

Please contact the  Enrollment Office for any other information.


Mrs. Cindy Wildberger

Director of Enrollment/

Database Manager

 (251) 470-9004


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