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If you are a college or university representative interested in scheduling a visit at UMS-Wright, please contact Mrs. Helen Inge by email at or by phone at (251) 470-9018.



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The College Counseling Department at UMS-Wright is dedicated to helping our students find the “right fit” in the college search process.  Our office is comprised of three full-time counselors available before, during, and after school for the benefit of our students. 

The College Counseling Office (CCO) is committed to the following: 

  • Stressing the importance of high school achievement in relation to one’s college choice;
  • Encouraging and assisting students in taking advantage of available resources;
  • Helping students to organize and prepare for the college application process;
  • Working with students to prepare for college interviews and to work with college admissions representatives;
  • Assisting with scholarship searches and necessary paperwork;
  • Being an advocate for our students throughout the admissions process;
  • Ensuring our students are encouraged and successful in the college search process.
Stressing the importance of high school performance and involvement, students and their families begin meeting individually with the College Counseling Office in the spring of ninth grade and have class meetings and programs to prepare them for their college search throughout their high school years. During the fall semester of the eleventh grade, students and their families will meet with the College Counseling Office again to prepare for the college search and application process by creating an action plan for college applications. Throughout the twelfth grade, students meet with the College Counseling staff individually as they navigate the college application process. 

Throughout their high school years, there are several programs in place to ensure that students are making the most out of the college search process. We have instituted programming, essay classes, and individual conferences with students to be sure that they are on the right track to be successful. Our office also sponsors a college campus tour each year for students to be able to visit colleges and universities across the country.  

In addition to the formal programming, our students also have the distinct benefit of having college and university representatives visit UMS-Wright to inform and recruit students. Students have the opportunity to visit with representatives from prestigious schools without ever leaving the gates of UMS-W! 

We are proud of the accomplishments of our students, and serve as advocates during the admissions process. Throughout the year, we also assist students in applying for scholarships and financial aid.   

Most importantly the college counseling office prides itself on its welcoming environment and encourages parents to get involved early.  Students and parents are able to meet with the counselors at any time. 





Mrs. Mary Courtney

Dir. of College Counseling




Mrs. Bradley Daugherty

College Counselor



Mrs. Helen Inge

College Counseling Coordinator




Dr. Kristin Odom


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