Grad Night


Each year after graduation ceremonies, the graduating class celebrates the remainder of the evening with their fellow classmates, parents, and faculty at a safe and exciting, alcohol-free party that includes great food, a disc jockey, games, gifts, and much more.  The Grad Night party is modeled after a nationwide movement that has adopted the Mission Statement: "On this most emotionally charged night of a teenager's life, our goal is to provide a safe, fun and exciting alcohol free party to ensure each and every graduate will wake up to a bright future full of possibilities."  National statistics indicate that more teenage alcohol related accidents and fatalities occur on high school graduation night than any other time of the year.  Furthermore, 77% of fatal crashes that have occurred from midnight to 3 a.m. for this distinct group involved alcohol.  If one alcohol related arrest, injury or worse, death is prevented by this event it is well worth our time, money and effort.

Thank you to all who make the event a success and such a memorable night for our graduates! 









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