Project Engage 2019-2020


UMS-Wright is taking "LEARNING BEYOND OUR GATES" with a new program that we are so excited to offer our students. Project Engage is a 10 day (January 7 - 17) winter term where Upper School students will explore opportunities beyond the traditional classroom. UMS-Wright is always striving to provide elite opportunities to enhance the lives of our students and we are eager to see how Project Engage impacts them in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT! 

The vision of Project Engage is one of thinking outside the box, offering cross-curriculum experiences and exploring opportunities beyond the classroom. Questions? Please contact Meridy Jones ( or Mary Courtney ( 

Course Offerings

Cuisine and Couture: The Study of French Flair in Mobile

Experience one-on-one instruction for beginners in culinary arts, sewing, etiquette, and other life skills while appreciating the heavy French presence in all as they relate to Mobile. This fun and delicious experience celebrates French cuisine and fashion through multiple hands-on workshops, tours and tastings in Mobile.

Discovering England

This 10-day trip will include such sights as the Bronte Parsonage Museum, Shakespeare’s birthplace, Anne Hathaway’s cottage, a guided tour of Oxford, the Roman Baths, a tour of the Globe Theater, participation in a theater workshop, and popular London sights such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and much more.

Law and Society

This course will consist of classroom lessons and activities, guest speakers, a crime scene experiment, a mock trial and several local field trips. Week one, students will learn about the legislative process and the criminal justice system, including crime scene investigation, rights of the accused, and trial procedures. Week two will include local field trips to court rooms, law enforcement agencies and a city council meeting along with various speakers such as an FBI agent, attorney, and various lawmakers.

Homegrown: What Makes Mobile Special

What do you know about your hometown of Mobile, AL? If you are thinking you don't know much, never fear! After you sign up for this Project Engage course, you will be an authority on much of Mobile's rich biodiversity, history and culture! Lots of day excursions and hands-on activities will ensure participants have optimal, enjoyable learning opportunities.

Discovering Europe: Italy

The excursion to Venice, Florence and Rome will expose students to the art, architecture, history, and culture they have learned about in their history classes. Students will experience history first-hand as they tour historical sites, museums, and ancient ruins just to mention a few highlights!

Hemingway: Spy or Author?

Delve into Hemingway (aka "Argo") and his world of travels, journalism, war, writings, Cuba and more! Get to know this larger than life figure, witness to major events of the 20th century. Expand your perspective and discover what lies beneath the surface.

Service is Serious Business 

Spend time learning about the heart and passion behind non-profit organizations and discover what it takes to create, maintain and grow these amazing organizations. Students will learn how non-profits begin and will understand what it takes to keep them going and ultimately what helps them thrive. We will take time almost daily to serve alongside many of the non-profits we study and we will explore the world of service in the Mobile area.

Sorting of the Sciences to Infinity and Beyond

This experience aims to teach students innovation, practice teamwork, and use engineering and technology in imaginative designs and implementation. Classroom lessons week one will be reinforced by programs that take place at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida week two. Students and teachers will have a hands-on educational adventure.

College Campus Tour

Students have the opportunity to visit approximately 9 colleges in Florida, while gaining insight into the college search process. Students will also take part in Disney's Managing Your Personal Brand to help them understand their unique qualities and utilize them in the college application process.

Intro to Archaeology 

Students will learn the history, skills, and methods of archaeology. Students will interact with different archaeological professionals and others that work both within and out of their field. The goal of the experience is to show how and why these professionals excavate and search for artifacts and fossils in order to better interpret the past. Students will put these concepts to use at dig sites.

Art on the Coast

Come explore the arts and the different ways to capture the human figure in motion! Students will try different artistic techniques, including motion photography, clay, glass blowing and more. We will visit the American Sports Academy Museum of Art in Daphne. We will end the two weeks with an exhibit showcasing students' creations!

Adulting 101

Students will learn a host of skills to prepare them for independence. From car maintenance and cooking skills to basic financial literacy and a ton in between, students will grasp the basics of independent living.

So You Want to be in the Medical Field?

Thinking about a future in medicine? This experience allows students to investigate many opportunities available in the medical field. Visits with healthcare professionals at school and at hospitals or clinics will give students a chance to explore a variety of interesting and rewarding careers. Students will also be CPR certified during this experience.

Upcycling Our Lives

Students will explore aspects of the recycling process, including ecological benefits. Students will learn about using recycled materials in relation to Green Building initiatives, potential college majors, and the impact of recycling in our everyday lives. Students will learn about the history and relationship humans have with plastic. They will explore fun and innovative ways to "upcycle" single-use plastics instead of recycling them.

The Business of Sports

Students will engage in growing enterprises that support local and high-level athletics. The four areas of focus will be medicine, marketing, metrics (statistics) and media. From football stats and broadcasting to therapy and rehab, this course includes trips to WKRG, Troy Sports Marketing, Encore and USA.

Capitalizing on Music

Students will explore the FUNdamentals of music, and the course will culminate with a trip to our state capital where students will attend the Alabama Music Conference. Students will visit with representatives from universities in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.





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