Clubs and Activities 

School Year 2020-2021


Getting involved outside of the classroom is an integral part of the UMS-Wright experience. Our co-curriculars provide academic, athletic, and creative paths towards igniting new passions and strengthening an individual’s potential in mind, body, spirit, and character. We want to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and into new experiences while refining important leadership, organizational, teamwork, and communication skills. Check out all we have to offer below. Interested in starting your own student-led and faculty-advised club?

Please contact Tiffany Chapman at with your proposal.


Fall 2020

Fall Chorale

Sponsor: Michelle McCormick

Fall Chorale welcomes all students who enjoy singing or want to explore their musical side. Most opportunities involve singing in groups, but there are opportunities for solos if interested. We conclude our time together with a winter performance in December. Some students will be eligible for trips off-campus.

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must attend all required rehearsals and practices and must participate in winter performance.


Marching Band

Sponsor: Melissa Jokerst

Students fine-tune their skills as musicians, practice regularly, and perform in halftime shows throughout the fall.

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must take the band class during the school day, play or be learning to play a wind or percussion instrument, and attend band camp in the summer. All after school rehearsals and all performances must be attended.


Scholars Bowl

Sponsor: Jana Price (Varsity) and Tommy Walton (Junior Varsity)

Co-Sponsors: Meredith Cullen and Monique Thomas

Students build on their vast knowledge across various categories of subject matter and participate in numerous competitions throughout the fall and early spring. Similar to Jeopardy, students answer questions on all topics. 

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must attend practice and participate in competitions when needed.


Theatre Guild Fall Show

Sponsor: Margaret Delaney 

Students participate in the upper school fall show as cast or crew members. Auditions take place at the beginning of the school year and rehearsals typically last eight weeks. Cast members are called based on the amount of time their character spends on stage until the final weeks when all are called every day. Crew members do not have to audition, but will work on simple production tasks during early rehearsals with a small group together for one week. Toward the end of the process, all crew are called for all rehearsals to help pull the show together. 

Co-curricular Requirement: Participation as a cast or crew member satisfies the co-curricular requirement provided that the student attend all rehearsals for which he/she is scheduled and is available to attend.


Youth Judicial

Sponsor: Pete Wilson

Sponsored by the YMCA of Greater Montgomery, Youth Judicial is a mock trial competition that is part of the wider "Alabama Youth in Government" program. Students form a six-member team and are then assigned either prosecution or defense. Students prepare their cases and then compete against teams from all over the state during Youth Judicial weekend in Montgomery, Alabama.

Club Requirements: Teams must show initiative and practice independently and consult club sponsors, parents, family members, or friends as they prepare their case. Additional paperwork is required. 

Co-curricular Requirements: To earn co-curricular credit, students must participate in the mock trial weekend in Montgomery. The YMCA limits the number of teams we are allowed to take each year.


Fall Sports

Please visit for a list of all offerings.

Spring 2020

Club Lacrosse

Sponsor: Brent Daugherty

Lacrosse is the oldest organized sport in North America and the fastest growing sport nationwide. Taking place in the spring, students participate in games and tournaments held on weeknights and some weekends across the Gulf Coast. Practices are held four nights a week in the afternoons. Helmets, gloves, and uniforms are provided.

Club Requirements: Students must obtain a physical. 

Co-curricular Requirement: Students must attend practices, games, and tournaments required by the coaches.


Concert Band

Sponsor: Melissa Jokerst

Students set the stage for a fine performance with instrumental music from genres of classical, pop, movies, musicals, video games, jazz, and more. 

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must take the band class during the school day, play or be learning to play a wind or a percussion instrument, and attend all after school rehearsals and all performances.


Spring Chorale

Sponsor: Michelle McCormick

Spring Chorale welcomes all students who enjoy singing or want to explore their musical side. Most opportunities involve singing in groups, but there are opportunities for solos if interested. We conclude our time together with a performance in April. Some students will be eligible for trips off-campus.

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must attend all required rehearsals and practices and must participate in the spring performance.


Spring Musical

Sponsor: Margaret Delaney 

Co-Sponsor: Michelle McCormick

Students participate in the upper school Spring Musical as cast or crew members. Auditions take place at the beginning of January or prior to Project Engage. Rehearsals typically last eight to ten weeks. Cast members work with the music director to learn the music and also learn blocking and choreography from the director. Crew members are called to one week of set construction during the early rehearsal process and attend all run-through rehearsals leading up to the performances.

Co-curricular Requirement: All cast and crew must attend all rehearsals for which they are scheduled and must be available in order for this to count as a co-curricular. 


Spring Sports

Please visit for a list of all offerings.

Year round 2020-2021

Art Guild

Sponsor: Pier Hardin

The Art Guild is comprised of upper-school students who enjoy creating and promoting the arts through service and school-related projects throughout the year. Activities include a fall and spring project as well as the decoration of the Arts Gallery for the holiday performances. Often, Art Guild members help with the set design and stagecraft of the theatre productions.

Club Requirements: Students must actively participate in all requirements.


Azalea Trail

Sponsor: Meridy Jones

Azalea Trail maids are elected by a panel of judges serve as ambassadors representing the city of Mobile. They often serve as greeters when dignitaries visit Mobile, and they embody the ideals of Southern hospitality.

Co-curricular Requirement: Students will go through an interview process at school in the fall with weekly meetings to prepare. Azalea Trail appearances will be determined by the Mobile Azalea Trail and will begin in the spring of junior year, continuing throughout senior year.


Bass Fishing Team

Sponsor: Mikey Blaylock

Students participate in fishing tournaments all around the state, which the goal of qualifying for the state championship. We also have several opportunities for service. Club members are asked to do coastal cleanups and create their own projects to help our environment stay safe for years to come. Please see Coach Blaylock if you have questions or need more details about the club.

Club Requirements: Students must be in good academic standing, and will need a boat, partner, and captain to fish with for any tournaments. Each team will have to fish at least two tournaments a season to qualify for state. All rules and regulations set forth by Bass Nation for schools must be followed at all times.

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must be a part of a team which is two students and a team member’s parent serving as a captain. 


Chess Team 

Sponsor: Robin Freeman and Paul Nager

Players are taught the basic fundamentals of the game, as well as more sophisticated and advanced concepts.  The Team competes in the Mobile-Baldwin County Chess League during the first half of the school year, and competes at the Elementary, Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity levels.  In the second half of the year, the Team prepares to compete at the State and/or National level.  The team seeks players who are serious about learning how to play the game well and are willing to work to do so. There is a Chess Scholarship to be awarded toward UMS tuition. The Chess Team has competed on a national level since 2016. 

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must attend weekly practices and compete in local and or state competitions.


Class Officers

Sponsor: Tiffany Chapman

Students are elected to each position by grade-level. Class officers organize class responsibilities and make high-impact decisions for the class as a whole. Officers work with the SGA to plan and facilitate student led activities. 

Club Requirements: Complete elected process in the Spring. Must meet criteria to run for a position. Must be active in completing duties presented by the SGA officers and adviser. 


Crimson and Grey

Sponsor: Ashley Hill

The Crimson and Grey is the upper school newspaper and covers quarterly activities which occur at school.

Co-curricular Requirements: Reporters for the Crimson and Grey are asked to write at least two articles per quarter, and must commit to two quarters during the year. Students use Google Slides to create the newspaper and should have knowledge of the tools used. Articles are assigned by the sponsor and deadlines must be met.


El Círculo Español

Sponsor: Chelsea Lawrence

El Círculo Español provides students unique opportunities in order to enhance their studies of the Spanish language and cultures while simultaneously making a positive and lasting impact on UMS-Wright and the Spanish-speaking communities in our area. We do this through Spanish conversation tables at school, community service, cultural projects and activities, learning excursions, and peer-tutoring. Students who have currently or previously taken Spanish may join. Annual dues are $35 and a t-shirt is included.

Club Requirements: Students must participate in 20 hours of club activity to earn their club pin.

Co-curricular Requirements: Students are required to participate in 40 hours of club activities. 


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsor: Michael Schultz

Co-sponsor: Bill Haffner

FCA is an on campus student ministry club that provides spiritual encouragement and Christian community for all students at UMS-Wright. FCA meets each Wednesday during lunch for fellowship, prayer, encouragement, and a relevant speaker. FCA sponsors a dodgeball tournament each year to donate funds to a local charity and for everyone to have fun and compete together.

Club Requirements: Students must attend weekly meetings and participate in events when needed.


Honor Council

Sponsor: Mr. Lathan

Co-sponsor: Brent Daugherty

The Honor Council is a group of students who have the responsibility of promoting and maintaining the culture of honor and integrity on the campus of UMS-Wright. The Honor Council members are upper school elected representatives.

Club Requirements: Students must complete election process in spring, which includes a letter of intent and an interview. Students must attend summer workshop.


Key Club

Sponsor: Michael Schultz

Co-sponsor: Nancy Hilbun

At UMS-Wright, we believe that service is more than an action, it is a lifestyle. We work hard to promote a campus culture that integrates serving others as a core value. We want to be Bulldogs who S.E.R.V.E. (This means we are Selfless, Empathetic, Resolute, Vigorous, and Encouraging) The Key Club is the primary service opportunity for upper school students and is sponsored nationally by the Kiwanis Club. Students who want to go above and beyond in their service to others and who want to be true servant leaders are strongly encouraged to join Key Club. Key Club sponsors lots of service opportunities each year that give our students chances to serve others, have fun together, and to extend the impact of our school on the community. Dues to be a registered member with Kiwanis Club are $20.

Club Requirements: Students must complete 30 service hours and participate in at least one Key Club sponsored event each semester.

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must complete 50 service hours and participate in at least two Key Club sponsored event each semester.


Le Club Français 

Sponsor: Savannah Bryant

Co-Sponsor: Mirella Chavez

Take an in-depth look into the French-speaking world with Le Club Français! We watch films, visit museums, attend cultural events, and more in Mobile and beyond. Don't speak French? Pas de problème! Our club is open to students from any language class as a way to appreciate all that the culture of La Belle France has to offer. 

Club Requirements: Students take part in a variety of on campus meetings and off-campus activities.


Photography Club

Sponsor: Catherine Helmsing

Photography Club students meets once a week during lunch and participate in a variety of photography activities, including local photography contests, at least one service project, creating signs to spread cheer and happiness around school, and setting up themed photography shows and holiday events.

Club Requirements: Students must attend meetings once a week at lunch and participate in contests and activities.


SGA Officers

Sponsor: Tiffany Chapman

Students are elected into SGA officer positions, which provide services to the school and community and organize most student events. 

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must actively engage in all elected position duties. 


Sports Information Department

Sponsor: Michael Napp

The Sports Information Department is a group of students who create digital content for the Athletic Department. Students may take pictures, operate cameras, create social media posts, or assist with writing articles for the athletic website. The primary duties in the fall are to operate cameras and software for the football digital scoreboard. Winter and Spring duties are to help promote the vast number of athletic events for each team. Students can either earn service hours or co-curricular credit.

Club Requirements: Students must attend the majority of home football games and multiple home athletic events throughout the year and complete department assignments as needed.

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must complete 50 hours of service to the Athletic Department.


Student Bulldog Ambassador

Sponsor: Kristin Odom

Co-sponsor: Anne Stabler

The Student Bulldog Ambassadors is an elite group of 11th and 12th grade students who represent the ideals and spirit of UMS-Wright. Mainly supporting the Admissions and College Counseling Offices, the Ambassadors act as liaisons for visitors to campus and lead rising freshmen in their transition to the upper school. In addition, they assist with on and off campus events, representing UMS-Wright and strengthening the bond within the school and our community. Students will have the opportunity to polish their interpersonal skills, advance communication skills, and have a lasting impact on students and families at UMS-Wright. Interviews and selection for the new class of Ambassadors typically takes place in mid spring. 

Co-curricular Requirements: Students must attend a required training and attend all assigned events. Students are responsible for making up any required work assigned by their teacher(s). 


The Cadet

Sponsor: Tiffany Chapman

Students lead the editing and creation of The Cadet, our school yearbook.

Co-curricular Requirement: Must be an appointed Editor/Section Editor/photographer for this to serve as a co-curricular. Work done outside the school hours will constitute this activity as a co-curricular. 


The Mind’s Eye

Sponsor: Pier Hardin

Co-sponsor: Catherine Helmsing

The Mind's Eye is the UMS-Wright literary and art magazine for grades 10-12. The staff is chosen from students who show a keen interest in writing and the visual arts. Submissions from grades 9-12 are due in early spring when the staff selects content and then lays out the magazine according to a theme it has chosen for the year. The magazine is delivered in late spring.

Club Requirement: The staff is comprised of 2-3 seniors and 2-3 juniors, who have demonstrated their expertise as writers and/or artist/photographers.


Yellow Club

Sponsor: Meridy Jones

Yellow Club aims to bring sunshine to our students and faculty. This club is designed to spread kindness through small acts around campus.

Club Requirements: Students meet once a month. Students organize and lead Yellow Day activities, including greeting students at carpool, making signs, and spreading "yellow" all week with random acts of kindness.







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